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Who We Are

     Supporting women in crisis so that they will make the decision for life. 

Founded in 1984, The Life Center of New York is dedicated to helping women who are in crisis pregnancy to make the choice for life through pro-life counseling that is informative, honest, and sensitive to the emotional needs of women.

At the Center, the woman is neither judged nor censured.  Instead, she is offered friendship and concern.


Staffed by our office manager and a team of dedicated volunteers, our guiding principles are centered in the belief that life is a gift to be cherished and protected.  We strive to save the baby while helping the mother and those involved with the pregnancy by making available resources and follow-up services.

We offer pro-life alternatives to abortion. In addition, we provide emotional, spiritual and material support such as cribs, clothing, diapers etc, through pregnancy and after the birth of the child and can refer for emergency housing. 


Our services are free of charge and we do NOT discriminate on any basis.  We operate and rely solely on donations and always welcome anyone in need of help. 


The Life Center of New York is not a medical facility and does not have a licensed medical provider on staff to provide diagnosis or directly supervise the provision of all services offered.


We can, however, recommend medical providers and provide additional information for those seeking help with pregnancy. 


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